Former Status Quo bassist Alan Lancaster interviewed with Studio 10

Australian television channel Studio 10 have released an interview with the former bassist of Status Quo, Alan Lancaster. In the interview, Lancaster talks about the effect of cocaine on the band, members leaving and other interesting tidbits. You can see the whole clip below.

In other news, Status Quo management were offering fans refunds for the bands upcoming winter tour due to the departure of Rick Parfitt after suffering another major heart attack.

The band themselves are releasing their sequel acoustic album, Aquostic II – One More For The Road on October 21st via Universal Music.

You can currently pre-order the album on CD (HERE), CD Deluxe (HERE) and on Vinyl (HERE).

Aquostic II – One More For The Road will feature the hits, In The Army Now, Hold You Back, Roll Over Lay Down and Ice In The Sun. The record will also feature more obscure album cuts like Belavista Man, Backwater and Mess of the Blues.

Watch an advert for the previously released Aquostic below and read our review (HERE).

Status Quo – Aquostic II – One More For The Road Track List:

  1. That’s A Fact
  2. Roll Over Lay Down
  3. Dear John
  4. In The Army Now
  5. Hold You Back
  6. One For The Road
  7. Backwater
  8. One Of Everything
  9. Belavista Man
  10. Lover Of The Human Race
  11. Ice In The Sun
  12. Mess Of The Blues
  13. Jam Side Down
  14. Resurrection
  15. Lies (Deluxe bonus track)
  16. Little Dreamer (Deluxe bonus track)
  17. Living On An Island (Deluxe bonus track)
  18. Is Someone Rocking Your Heart? (Deluxe bonus track)
  19. Rockers Rollin’ (Deluxe bonus track)

Deluxe Edition CD 2:

  1. And It’s Better Now (live in Stuttgart)
  2. Pictures of Matchstick Men (live in Stuttgart)
  3. Don’t Drive My Car (live in Stuttgart)
  4. Claudie (live in Stuttgart)
  5. Whatever You Want (live in Stuttgart)
  6. Rocking All over The World (live in Stuttgart)

Vinyl bonus track:

  1. For You

aquostic 2aquostic 2(2)