Ronnie Romero on the Rainbow shows

Ronnie Romero of Rainbow and Lords of Black recently spoke with Metal Shock Finland’s Alison Booth about the just recently passed shows with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. You can read the interview HERE and read some excerpts below.

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I feel like in a dream. It’s hard to assimilate all that has happened in the last few weeks. Not just living this situation with Ritchie and the other band mates in Rainbow, meet the fans so close to the stage and back stage and all the people going to the show. And then all these musicians who I love talk to me and telling me that I made a great job, it’s a dream come true.

Rehearsing with Ritchie:

It’s amazing to see how he can still play guitar at 71 years old, he’s a legend. Ritchie is a really nice guy inside, he makes me feel very comfortable and all the band members, we have like a little family you know. Ritchie makes me feel very good, not just in rehearsals, on stage and this two weeks of tour.

On his feelings regarding the shows:

I feel really good with my job. I tried to make justice, not just to the songs, but all the singers. I just try to sing the songs in my own way and my own style and I think the people appreciate that. I’m not just a copy of the other singers, I prefer to sing like Ronnie Romero singing those songs.

And I think the people prefer that, I think they don’t like seeing a guy or pay for a ticket to hear a guy try to sing like Ronnie James Dio, it’s not a good idea.”

Looking to the future and if there will be more shows for RAINBOW, Ronnie stated:

I hope so, I really hope we can do some more shows, maybe next year. I have a really great feeling about the band and Ritchie is really happy with the results, he’s really happy with the audience and maybe we can make some more shows next year. You need to stay tuned!