Nice Surprises of 2015!

This year at Demonszone, we have made a lot of new friends from bands that have kindly lent us their new records. These bands ranged from all different countries from all corners of the world and we thought that we would mentioned the most memorable of the bunch in a very long list. So please check out the bands below, they are on this list for a reason. If you are a member of these groups or responsible for us receiving these albums, it was a pleasure listening to them and thank you.

[list_item] Dawn of a Dark Age –  The Six Elements Vol 3: Fire [/list_item]

“Like the previous two records, The Six Elements Vol 3: Fire, is a very experimental piece of black metal. A concept album that features lots of thrashing buzz saw guitars, blast beats, lots of vocal snarling and beautiful jazz melodies played with a lot of talent and grace.”

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[list_item] Energy of the Elements – 03:30 Dehuman Rize [/list_item]

“It is nice to see newer bands pick up the bloated power metal genre and breath life back into it. Band’s like Energy of the Elements, My Refuge, Maya and Exotheria are going to be a big deal if they keep up their dedication to writing powerful metal. As a big power metal fan I strongly recommend hunting this album down, it is refreshing, energetic and well worth your time.”

Check out the interview we did with band member Fabrizio Balliano HERE. Check out the review HERE.

[list_item] Thy Worshiper – Ozimina [/list_item]

“The folkish tone of the album might put off some people but I personally think it is expertly done on Ozimina. It is a bit eccentric in places but it has a lot of personality and with the short album length, it does not over stay its welcome. The music does it’s part and doesn’t reach much further. This is a big strength to the record as I can imagine it would be a bit easy to make this stuff sound repetitive.”

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[list_item] Vermingod – Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom [/list_item]

“The song selection is spot on, the over all album length is right on the money and to be honest there is no much I can complain about. The music style did get a little repetitive, but not enough to really put down the record. Personally speaking I would sit this album on top of the extreme metal mantel with the likes of Vader, Behemoth and a lesser known favourite of mine, Aeon.”

We also interviewed the band, you can read the article HERE. Check out the review HERE.


[list_item] The Crawling –  In Light of Dark Days [/list_item]

“Though the band brand themselves as Slow Death, I would say they definitely resemble the black metal bands of old. They have that perfect blend of morbid melodies, crushing guitar riffs and tempo changes to keep the music interesting without it sounding the same thing over and over again. I liked the vocals especially. I personally have always enjoyed a deep growling singer who can still pronounce every word in a song. It makes things so much more enjoyable when it doesn’t sound like a microphone attached to your mothers vibrator.”

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[list_item] The Hell – Welcome To… [/list_item]

“The thing people have to remember is that even if the songs aren’t bad, they can be a little generic and I would say that about the first half of the album. Welcome To… was most definitely saved by the later songs which feature some seriously catchy, very fun death metal numbers. They range from some Morbid Angel to Vader in their brutal but infectious approach. Genocidal Wrath and Philosophy of Vengeance are easily the best songs on the album. I also really enjoyed the closing number, Amen! which reminded me a lot of the modern input from Exodus.”

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[list_item] Strangelet – First Bite [/list_item]

“From what I have been told, Strangelet produced the album themselves and I applaud them for that. The sound on this album is excellent. In a world where huge acts like Metallica, Slayer and Iron Maiden can’t even get good production, these guys do it by themselves and succeed. That in itself is quite an achievement. Top it off with some great music and we have a fantastic album in First Bite.”

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[list_item] The Maledict – Dread [/list_item]

“So we have another great death metal album this year. The Maledict have produced an album that I would highly recommend purchasing. There is a lot of different flavours on this record and they’re all approached with a lot of professionalism. The only gripe I have with Dread is that I personally do not like the drum sound, that is it. This is a great album, one that surpasses a lot of bands on the scene right now.”

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[list_item] Rusty Pacemaker – Ruins [/list_item]

“Personally speaking I really enjoyed Ruins, it has a lot of great songs on it and more than enough examples that Rusty Pacemaker can handle all instrument duties with exception of the drumming which was handled (very nicely) by Franz Löchinger. The production is also top quality and has more than enough oomph to give the music that desired kick.”

You can check out the fascinating interview with Rusty Pacemaker HERE. Check out the review HERE.

[list_item] Revenant – ill.intended.premonitions [/list_item]

This album is a great start for Revenant and I think they should be proud of dishing out an album of this quality. It is not a perfect album but it does everything a heavy metal album should and even throws in just enough variety to keep it fresh. ill.intended.premonitions has DemonsZone’s seal of approval. Good job guys.”

We also did an interview with Revenant HERE. Check out the review HERE.

[list_item] Blackwülf – Oblivion Cycle [/list_item]

“Is Oblivion Cycle perfect? Absolutely not. Personally speaking I think it is a couple of tracks too long and some of the riffs to start to recycle themselves. But as an overall product, this is a damn fine album that would probably impress just about every hard rock/heavy metal person out there. The band sound like a great bunch of musicians with a very capable singer. Well worth picking up if you can find a copy.”

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[list_item] Lords of the Trident – Frostburn [/list_item]

“Songs like Haze of the Battlefield, Manly Witness and Winds of the Storm featured top quality music, a lot more then I was expecting. The band use a good amount of melody with some heavy riffs very similar to a fair bit of the European Metal scene, like Sonata Arctica and Edguy etc. The solo at the end of the final track, Shattered Skies, for example is excellent.”

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[list_item] Solus [/list_item]

Solus is an example of why black metal keeps attracting my attention. What I have listened to is nothing new or amazing but it still hits me in the right spot and I loved every second of it. Sure the lack of originality is a downer but the creativity in the music is evident and no one should take anything away from the song writer “D” for it.”

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