Creepy new paraphilic infantilism video by Miley Cyrus

Paraphilic infantilism – more commonly referred to as “adult baby syndrome” – seems to be the visual assault of choice by one Miley Cyrus in her video. The video is for the song BB Talk, a collaboration with American rock band Flaming Lips from the album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

You can watch the faintly disturbing video – with the lyric “Fuck me so you stop baby talking” not exactly helping! – on YouTube here.

“Look, it’s probably not worth explaining all the different levels on which an adult woman dressed as a giant baby, sucking her own toes while singing about intercourse, is disturbing. Those are things simply subconsciously understood before even a single frame of this video passes before any unfortunate victim’s eyes.” – The Independent

“Although Miley Cyrus is a veteran at pushing unsound garbage to the masses, BB Talk reaches a new low by outright celebrating child abuse. This video truly embodies everything that is wrong with the entertainment industry.” – Vigilant Citizen

“The video kicks off with a trippy aesthetic – seeing images of giant baby Miley under the voiceover of a very mature-sounding Miley cursing about sexual struggles. Making her overall disgust in infantilized relationships, though, Cyrus goes full on newborn for the vid, whether crawling around with a puppy stuffy, or leading a soother-sucking dance troupe. I think she’s so much into the way that we do things, and I’m so much into the way she does things.” – Recorder Post

“Miley Cyrus’s new music video is very very Miley.” – The Huffington Post

Meanwhile on Twitter, Shane Dawson may either be laughing nervously or maniacally… mind you, we would love to know what kind of adverts he gets on AdSense these days!

We would be worried if they did have the words!

We believe this to be rhetorical.

We are unsure if this is good or bad for us…

And faith in humanity is restored!