Jim Lea reveals he has prostate cancer

In a rare interview with German publication GoodTimes magazine, former Slade member Jim Lea has confirmed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 16 months ago.

Translated by fan site Slade Decades, the excerpt from Jim Lea‘s interview reads; “Not at all. I have overall even very late got to know about the box set. I have been diagnosed 16 months ago a prostate cancer. It turned out that it is not operable, that I would not survive the operation. Fortunately the cancer has apparently not spread, but I have been so far receiving treatment. And then several relatives in the family of my wife have died – I have been lately reserved by other matters.”

Jim Lea appeared on all fifteen studio albums by Slade. After leaving the band he released a number of singles under various pseudonyms. In 2007 he released his first solo studio album entitled Therapy which included Jim Lea’s own take of the Slade single, Universe.

A photo of the magazine excerpt is below.