Wolfheart release video for The Hunt

Wolfheart, the solo project of ex-Before The Dawn founder Tuomas Saukkonen, have released a video for the track The Hunt. The song is from their debut album titled Winterborn released last year through Spinefarm Records. Described as “meandering through the dead of winter, dealing with ice, snow, bitter chill, and, well, misery in much of the … Continue reading “Wolfheart release video for The Hunt”

Fungus duets with pianist

Professor come pianist Eduardo Miranda this weekend will première a duet between himself and cultures of the fungus Physarum polycephalum. The mould is a core component of an interactive biocomputer which receives sound signals and responds. In an interview with the BBC’s Inside Science programme, Professor Miranda described the process. “The composition, Biocomputer Music, evolves as an … Continue reading “Fungus duets with pianist”