Cradle Of Filth Entering Studio!

English death metal band Cradle of Filth are confirmed to be heading into the studio on November 24th to record their upcoming album “Hammer Of The Witches”. The new album is expected to drop sometimes in early 2015. This news comes after the word that long time guitarist Paul Allender was leaving the band to … Continue reading “Cradle Of Filth Entering Studio!”

10 years of DemonsZone

27th September 2004 heralded a significant change on the internet.  Well actually it didn’t. Actually to be fair, it probably didn’t even pop up as a blip on anyone’s radar in any fashion whatsoever.  However, it was the day that was first registered and also around the time that DemonsZone migrated from it’s old domain … Continue reading “10 years of DemonsZone”

10 Years of DZ: March 2006 Interview with Byron Roberts

It was just prior to the release of 2006’s The Chthonic Chronicles was when DemonsZone secured an interview, the original website’s only published interview, with Bal-Sagoth vocalist and founder Byron Roberts. Bal-Sagoth were just on the verge of returning after a five-year hiatus.  The Chthonic Chronicles was the sixth piece of the “Hexalogy” epic and … Continue reading “10 Years of DZ: March 2006 Interview with Byron Roberts”

10 Years of DZ: 2006 review of Dragonforce’s Inhuman Rampage

The following review is taken from the remainder of the DemonsZone archives and had the privilege of being loosely referenced by Roadrunner Roads in 2006. Rumour has it that Dragonforce play so fast that they went back in time and sunk the Titanic!  Oh it is amazing the crap you can write as a teenager but never-the-less, … Continue reading “10 Years of DZ: 2006 review of Dragonforce’s Inhuman Rampage”

Tears For Fears Re-issue Incoming!

Universal has confirmed that they are re-releasing the multi-million selling album “Songs From The Big Chair” by the pop group Tears For Fears. The re-issue which is due for release on November 10th, is going feature six discs. Four of which includes remixes and b-sides, nine unavailable tracks and a 5.1 surround mix of the … Continue reading “Tears For Fears Re-issue Incoming!”

The Moody Blues: The Polydor Years 1986-1992

A brand new collection celebrating a specific era in the history of The Moody Blues is set to be released The album, “The Moody Blues: The Polydor Years 1986-1992” is an eight disc collection which will include six CDs and two DVDs. Due to be released on November 24th. “The Moody Blues: The Polydor Years … Continue reading “The Moody Blues: The Polydor Years 1986-1992”

Sinatra London Session Release

There is a new Frank Sinatra collection on it’s way! The set titled “London”, is a new 3 CD and DVD package will be released by Universal Music and Frank Sinatra Enterprises on November 24th. The set will feature original album material, live concert performances and a boat load of unreleased recordings. The collection includes … Continue reading “Sinatra London Session Release”

Diana Krall Cancels Tour & Album Due Top Illness

Five time Grammy award winning jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall has sadly had to postpone her up-coming tour and new album release due to ill health. Krall who is set to release her new album, “Wallflower” was scheduled to be released on October 13th and 21st October. The album has been re-scheduled for release … Continue reading “Diana Krall Cancels Tour & Album Due Top Illness”